People are important. They sort of make the world go round, and working with people is something we like a lot. We thought it would be nice to speak about some of these people here.

Jam Jar people


Likes: electronics, making things, cups of tea, music, learning, skateboarding

In brief: Background in theatre and music production, now I spend a lot of time organising things and making stuff. Currently really getting into Arduino boards and Processing. I like how the internet makes things easy and quick to share too.

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Likes: Simplicity/ invention/ design/ experimental film/ ideas for world domination/ comedy

In Brief: Drystone waller turned film maker/animator/VJ/educator, now an artist/entrepreneur/projection bomber interested using technology/ intervention as a medium for social change.  Currently researching experimental projection methods from moving vehicles/ interactive programming and blending tea.

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Richard in Japan meeting Asimo

Likes: Cake, making things out of programming code and cycling

In brief: A computer scientist with a BTEC in Fine Art doing serious stuff with computers but trying to find a fun place where art meets technology.

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Likes: running workshops, fixing bikes, making things that provoke thought, Aikido, making music.

In Brief: got a degree in electronic engineering but took 10 years to work out how to use those skills for good! Now working with sustainable technology, cutting carbon through behaviour change, designing hands-on creative technical workshops for kids and adults.

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Scott Towler:

Likes: Lasers, sweets, ball runs, electricity

In brief: A engineer with a love for building and making.  Projects include a RGB laser projector, ball bearing runs and tesla coils.


Some of the people we’ve worked with in the past few years – in no particular order.


Adrian McEwen

Pilot Theatre

Full Circle Arts


Interplay Theatre


Scott Towler

Micheale Spessa

Oli Wood


Creative York

Ffotogallery Cardiff

Glasgow Science Centre

Leeds City Council

Leeds Metropolitan University

Newcastle City Council

North Country Leisure

Northern Film and Media

Royds Hall High School