It’s been a busy few months at the Jam Jar HQ – we’ve been working on getting some new virtual graffiti cans working with new software and hardware.

In January we started testing out the Nintendo Wii nunchuck boards as a way of getting cap pressure data out of the cans – check out this blog post – then we stumbled across the wireless nunchucks from Clas Ohlson – with in-built Li-ion charging circuit and wireless connectivity.

The no-name wireless nunchuck contains lots more goodies than the official Nintendo Nunchuck

top: no-name nunchuck // bottom: Nintendo Nunchuck

We got some of the wireless nunchucks and got them hooked up to an Arduino board with a breakout board adaptor and breadboard. Quick prototyping meant we could experiment – necessary as to start with we were getting an unreliable data connection between the wireless nunchuck board and receiver circuit. This was quickly solved with a bit of web research and rewiring.

All details from the latest testing will go up on the FriiSpray wiki when we’ve documented them.

Hardware details

mk0.97 FriiSpray can internals

main ingredients:

  • 3mm acrylic sheet (latest design available here )
  • a number of 3mm nuts + bolts (steel + nylon)
  • 200mm length of 3mm threaded rod
  • no-name wireless nunchuck
  • 18650 size li-ion battery (like this )
  • 2 x 10mW 980nm LASER diodes (like this ) – 5Mw to be tested soon


Although this is the most advanced can we’ve made to date, it is still very much beta! We think it’s getting there though – we have had some positive results from tracking the output from the two IR LASERs and the wireless connection between the can and the rx circuit seems reliable enough. We’re also still testing out different cameras (WiiMote, PS Eye, webcams, etc) along with different IR filters. Again, more info on the wiki.

Video showing the latest testing by Matt Venn:


We will be testing the new can for the first time at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle on 12th + 13th of March. Come and say hello.