Creative electronics

  • Design and build simple electronic circuits
  • Level: beginner – intermediate
  • Duration: 2 hours – full day
  • Age range: 10+

Never picked up a soldering iron? Don’t know your resistor from your capacitor? We can provide a tailored electronics session to your group: usually with a quick introduction to different electronic components before cracking on with the fun stuff: the making!

We offer a range of different pre-designed circuit kits or can make up a new design for your group. Get in touch for a chat about what you would like. Our sessions are aimed at getting people doing things rather than sitting down and learning.

FriiSpray virtual graffiti workshop

  • Learn how a FriiSpray setup works
  • Build your own infra-red pens or spray cans
  • Level: beginner
  • Duration: 4 hours – full day
  • Age: 10+

Want to know about virtual graffiti? We can show you how to set up your own FriiSpray virtual graffiti wall and make your own infra-red devices to work with it. We can guide you through some simple soldering skills and circuit making as well as the software setup on your computer.

Each workshop can be adjusted to fit the group we deliver to, including discussion / presentation about open source technology, using FriiSpray as an animation tool and the developments we are working on at the moment.

Build your own TagTool system

  • Learn how to build and wire up your own TagTool setup
  • Level: beginner – intermediate
  • Duration: full day
  • Age: 14+

TagTool is an open source project designed by OMA international in Vienna. It is designed to be used by two people at a time – one drawing and one animating – and uses a graphics tablet and USB gamepad as an interface. Stuart is a contributor to their wiki site and has built a number of different TagTool boxes, including this all-in-one flight case.

Using a TagTool system with a projector effectively allows you to virtually draw on anything you want – depending on how powerful your projector is. We have used the system both indoors and outdoors for events and have had a lot of fun in the process.

There are full instructions on the TagTool website on how to make your own.

Our workshop sessions can include:

  • All of the bits and pieces you need
  • Soldering and box-making tutorial / guidance
  • Learning to program an Arduino board with the code needed to make your TagTool work
  • Guided set up of your own computer / a demonstration system
  • Testing your setup with a projector

Podcast workshops

  • Learn how to make podcasts
  • Devise content and interview techniques
  • Learn about sound design and production
  • Record your podcasts and upload them
  • Duration: 1-3 days, depending on activities
  • Level: beginner – intermediate
  • Age: 14+

Want to learn more about making podcasts? We can run sessions starting from the basics of planning content and music selection right through to the more technical sides of recording and publishing.