It’s the day before Shift Happens and we’re almost sorted. Just a few things left on our ToDo list. This Shift is going to be particularly exciting for us. We had a great time last year showing off FriiSpray, which we’re taking again. And this year we also get to unveil our new project Tweet When You Meet.

screenshot  of Tweet When You Meet

Pilot Theatre, the people behind Shift Happens asked us if we had any ideas how we could help people meet each other at their event. We didn’t. So, we went away and thought about it.

The idea started with the thought of making a networking machine or computer program. Some thing that could help you break the ice with people you’d not met before. When you and a group of people approach the machine, it knows who you are and it knows enough about you all to suggest something that you’d like to talk about.

We also thought it would be nice if the machine would tweet when people met, and that’s where the name came from.

As the machine tweets all these meetings it also remembers them, so you can ask it later who you’ve met. We’re hoping this will be really useful to everyone taking part.

If you’re at Shift Happens, we really hope you like Tweet When You Meet. This is its first time being tested in the real wide world and we’d really like to know what you think. We’d also love to hear your suggestions about what else it could do to help you meet more people and remember who you’ve met. So please come and play with us at Shift Happens and let us know what you think.